Our Values

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  • A Luxury living experience

  • Safety, care and excellence

  • Privacy, respect and dignity

  • Full choice and control

Living our values is important to us, and is just as vital in our care home as it has been in the many years working in people’s homes through our Angelcare service. From the outset of starting Angelcare Residential Living, we knew what we wanted to achieve, both for ourselves and for your loved ones in our care.

Our mission and vision are to provide you or your loved one with a luxury living experience, bringing the comforts of your home into a managed, safe space. We want you to think of our home as an all-inclusive holiday destination, with all the amenities that come with it.

Angelcare Residential Living is a safe, caring environment, with Home Makers that are committed to excellence, and their own continued professional development. We undertake a policy of privacy, respect, and dignity, making sure that you feel as comfortable with us as you do in your own home.

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