Our Facilities

We are open - Now Accepting Admissions and Family Visits

We have invested a significant amount of time into developing first rate facilities at our home and have taken advice both from the community and our home care residents as to what they would like to see in premises like ours. We are delighted to be able to offer the following facilities, all maintained and staffed to the highest standard.

  • Full Kitchen

    Our full kitchen allows us to create beautiful meals for our residents and their guests, giving you true home style cooking in comfort without any hassle.

  • Restaurant

    Our restaurant runs a full a la carte menu for our residents, with the same offering to all their guests and families.

  • Bar

    A fully stocked bar in our living space provides all the amenities you expect, including fresh bottled water, bottled beers and spirits.

  • Family Suite

    Our one of a kind family suite allows visitors to stay in the room next door to their relative or friend. With a full kitchen, living area, en suite and bedroom, only a door away from your loved one, you can stay close whenever you need to and experience all the amenities our residents do.

  • Living Room

    Our generously proportioned and fully equipped living room provides ample space for residents and guests, with a smart television and comfortable seating for watching sport, socialising, or catching up on a good book.

  • Room or Suites

    All our rooms have recently been refitted to the highest standards, with en suite bathrooms and top of the line furnishings. Whether you are looking for the cosy space of a room, or if you would like to upgrade to a suite including a walled off sleeping area, living space, and built in kitchen.